Chandbali College, Chandbali, a premiere institution in the district of Bhadrak, Odisha was established in the year 1979. The Department of History was affiliated to Utkal University, Vani- Vihar, since inception and subsequently came into the fold of F. M. University, Balasore, with the Honours and pass teaching facilities. The mission of the department is to strengthen the young men and women of the locality to develop National Competencies and Skills, necessary to become a good citizen of India. To achieve this goal, the department has formulated many ways of teaching methods such as Lecture Method, Audio- Visual Aids, Seminar, and Presentation etc. A feedback is obtained from the students regarding the learning process. The positive as well as negative aspects are taken into consideration for academic development. Advance information about the topic to be covered is intimated so that the students can come prepared for active participation with the teachers. Field visits are made to important historical places to know the history and Archaeology of the concerned area. Students are motivated to participate actively in co- curricular and cultural activities. The students are also encouraged to explore the traditional knowledge of the local communities through project works.

To know about the Indian Society and Culture, the department also takes part in social reforms prevailed particularly in rural areas. Field trips are made by the students and teachers to overcome this problem. The department provides information about the archaeological sites and monuments, both religious and secular and creates awareness about the social, religious and cultural history of Odisha in general and of Bhadrak district in particular.

1. Name of the department: DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY

2. Year of Establishment: 1979-80

3. Name of Programmes / Courses offered : UG