The Department of Political Science started its journey with the opening of the college in 1979. Undergraduate courses up to + 3 stage with honours is imparted by the department. It enables its students to acquire latest information and knowledge about the political scenario of the world with traditional exposure. Students and the area have gained a lot from the department. Many students of this department have become successful in getting good jobs and good citizens in their social life. Seminars, symposia, meetings etc. have been organized by the department enriching the students and faculty alike. The department is endeavouring hard to broaden the horizon of knowledge of its students. The teachers and students are striving seriously to march on the path of progress.

1. Name of the department: DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE

2. Year of Establishment: 1979-80

3. Name of Programmes / Courses offered (: UG (Pass &Hons)